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SAXS structure of drosophila SuFu

Journal of Structural Biology publication

Congratulations to Staëlle, Amira, Annick and Valérie who just co-published in Journal of Structural Biology !

Great collaborative work with Synchrotron SOLEIL, Institut Jacques Monod and Laboratoire de Biochimie Théorique !!

Disordered Region Confers a Wide Spanning Volume to Vertebrate Suppressor of Fused as Shown in a Trans-Species Solution Study.

Makamte, S.; Thureau, A.; Jabrani, A.; Paquelin, A.; Plessis, A.; Sanial, M.; Rudenko, O.; Oteri, F.; Baaden, M.; Biou, V. A Large  J Struct Biol 2022, 214 (2), 107853