20240603_membrane digest

Here is the membrane digest (exceptionally rather a "membrane raw bibliography”, as a matter of fact ...) Let's all clap those super cool articles !

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20240527_membrane digest

Unmixing, breaking of symmetry, translocation and explanation why songs make us feel like dancing … It’s membrane party time !

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20240520_membrane digest

Interesting spotlights on MP folding and on the effect of hydrophobic mismatch on their organization and sorting within membranes: MP step out of their confort zone !

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20240514_membrane digest

Major methodological breakthroughs (trick to stain SDS PAGE in a blink, major update of AlphaFold, ...) as well as inspiring structure / function studies with a pinch of lipid here and there ... Once again, a fine vintage for the membrane digest !

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IBPC’s website has evolved !

The IBPC website has evolved!The institute comprises 5 research units and a research federation (FR550). Archival images illustrate its history.Find out more about the history of its creation and discover…

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Macromolecules Publication

Congratulations to Françoise  who  co-published in Macromolecules !Synthesis, Characterization, and Self-Assembling Properties of New Amphiphilic Dendrons Bearing Branched TRIS-Derived Oligomers as Polar Head Groups Desgranges, S.; Lacanau, V.; Bonneté, F.; Soulié,…

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