A weekly selection of interesting litterature regarding Membranes and Molecules

20240514_membrane digest

Major methodological breakthroughs (trick to stain SDS PAGE in a blink, major update of AlphaFold, ...) as well as inspiring structure / function studies with a pinch of lipid here and there ... Once again, a fine vintage for the membrane digest !

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20240401_membrane digest

Please find below the membrane digest. ABC transporters, MscS and nanodiscs are under the spotlight, as well as improvements for beer flavour and a provocative suggestion to combat climate change. Have a nice reading !

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20240325_membrane digest

You’ll find below, among other inspiring works, structural enzymology, design of soluble functional analogues of MPs, MIC-derived SAR of EPI and snake burgers. Have a nice week,

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20240315_membrane digest

CryoEM now turning time-resolved, de novo artificial MPs complementing functions in mammalian cells, DNA-based methodologies to tackle MP partitioning or dimerization, Mammouths on their way back to life, à-la-Jurassic Park, and much more … Exciting times in Science !

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20240308_membrane digest

Please find below lots of cool stories with, among others: MPs (of course), sugars, whale songs, a new boom in the AI-prediction of proteins (now full atom !) and a little bit of MagIC. Have a nice reading,

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